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Take your boat to new heights!
At Poseidon Dredge & Marine, it has never been faster or easier to raise your boat and your level of security all at the same time! We provide an outstanding selection of state-of-the-art, fresh
and saltwater boatlifts with capacities ranging from 1,000 lb. personal watercraft to 200,000 lb. luxury yachts. Our boatlifts provide excellent storage for marinas, yacht clubs, and residential docks alike.

Custom manufactured from sturdy marine-grade aluminum, our reliable, fast-lifting 4- and 8- piling custom Gear Drive Lift is reinforced with twin top carrier beams and all-welded construction. Boatlifts offer maximum safety and peace of mind. The sleek, compact one-piece design of a Gear Driven Lift eliminates the need for belts, chains, pulleys and sprockets.
It also features a sealed aluminum housing that provides the gearbox with quiet electric motors and additional protection against the elements. A manufacturer's warranty is included.

With its low-profile, open-sided design, the Topless Boatlift from Poseidon Dredge & Marine takes boater convenience and accessibility to a new level, without sacrificing safety and support. Our Topless Boatlift is manufactured from sturdy marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel, with aluminum cradle beams for superior strength and protection. In addition to sealed, oil bath gearboxes and weather-resistant motors, the topless boatlift also features wider drums providing fast, efficient winding of cables, prolonging cable life. Keeps the cradle lift level at all times. A manufacturer's warranty is included.

You will be pleased to find that the pile- or seawall-mounted Aluminum Elevator Lift from Poseidon Dredge & Marine makes it a breeze for your favorite yachtsmen to launch their vessel in shallow water. Its unique all-aluminum construction process offers an added layer of corrosion resistance and incorporates standard machine aluminum cable winders that extend both cable and drive shaft life. Our Aluminum Elevator Lift also features a fast, efficient and quiet gearbox drive system with sealed oil bath gearboxes and weather-resistant motors.
A manufacturer's warranty is included.

Poseidon Dredge & Marine has the perfect solution for waterfront property owners who desire the finest care and protection for their personal water crafts. Our sturdy marine-grade aluminum construction to offer your vessel unprecedented safety and support against the elements.

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