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Take full advantage of the Florida waterways today by adding a new dock from Poseidon Dredge & Marine. Nothing adds more value and enjoyment to your waterfront property than the unparalleled charm of a new dock. Coming in a wide array of colors and designs, our docks are  custom made from the finest selection of marine-treated hardwoods and composite materials. Always custom-made, they can be aligned to the contour of your waterfront and built according to your own unique tastes, and specifications, and needs. Whether you need a visually stunning commercial dock or a functional private one, Poseidon Dredge & Marine provides long-lasting dock solutions for all of your storage, boarding, and offloading needs.

WOOD - Tropical Decking
These docks will add aesthetic beauty to any waterfront.

WOOD - IPE - Brazilian Hardwood 
Low maintenance and made of the hardest wood available, these docks are built to last. 

COMPOSITE - Evergrain Decking™
An alternative to wood with the same advantages as concrete.

Concrete docks are the  strongest and longest lasting in the industry.

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